Why Us

Why should you entrust your security to our hands?

Nowadays Slovak National Security Authority (Slovak NSA) is the most important guarantee of quality determination. Account of this our company approximates all its activity to requests and standards of Slovak NSA.

Monitoring of Premises by Centralized Protection Desk (CPD)

  • As the first company in Slovak Republic we use wireless data transfer with the highest level of security. Centralized Protection Desk (eos REAL 6000) has obtained the certificate of technical security product based on rules by Slovak NSA to protect classified materials, level: top secret.
  • Alert transfer through the all available commercial technologies according to client's demands (radio, phone lines, GPRS).
  • Possibility of connection not only for electronical security signalization but also for electronical fire signalization.
  • Amount of emergency patrols, there is one emergency patrol for each district with ability to be at guarding premises in real time.
  • Transparent key storing of access roads, in security boxes.
  • Recording of all phone communication among a client, a patrol and an operation centre.
  • Acceptance letters from insurance companies.
  • We provide services of centralized protection desk in all territory of Slovak Republic.
  • The list of our permanent customers, among them there are the names of important prestigious companies.

Guard Duty

  • 24-hour working controller system and regular controls (min 2 times a day).
  • Groups of back up in case of need.
  • Human resources office for selection, training, courses and testing of employees.
  • Radio connection and permanent monitoring of assign frequency.
  • Technical equipment SM 993 makes checking of foot patrols and control activities possible for client.
  • Insurance policy on 333.000 € liabilities, a product that covers all risks related with our services.
  • An equipment and a munitions is according to client's demands in line with legislative rules in operation.


  • certificated Master user of C4 integrated security system
  • elbacert_licencia
  • cert-jablotron
  • krpz_licencia-ss
  • krpz_licencia-ts
  • nbu_pbp
  • th_krpz_lnpds
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