Instructions for Contact People

In any communication with Centralized Protection Desk - CPD, contact persons should identify themselves by their location numbers (the number generated by the system when transfer is activated and shown in the contract) and applicable passwords (specified by the customer when the contract is signed and shown therein).

Contact persons may identify themselves in the situations below:

  • When a contact person is notified that intervention at a location has taken place.
  • When a contact person is notified of a problem in any technological information where intervention is required, for example a 220V power failure, low battery alarm, etc.
  • When a false alarm sounds due to improper handling of the alarm. False alarms may continue for up to 2 minutes after they sound. In such a case, no intervention unit will be sent to the location.
  • When any suspicious information is verified.
  • A contact person confirms the location is in a certain condition (encrypted, decrypted, disturbed, etc.)

Once Centralized Protection Desk - CPD has been notified, the contact person may decide to do the following:

  • Enter the location and, together with intervention units, inspect it from inside so access can be gained to the interior, where, for example an intruder could be. The contact person should enter the location within an hour. There is no charge for the first hour of patrolling.
  • Let the intervention unit patrol the location. If access to the location is not obtained within an hour, there will be a charge for each additional hour spent.
  • Refuse to come to the location. The intervention unit would then leave the location. In such a case, the contact person risks another intervention if the alarm again sounds and there may be a charge for this intervention.
  • Entrust another person to handle the location.

In any case, Centralized Protection Desk - CPD is communicated whenever the customer receives information about the following:

  • Whether and where an alarm sounded at a location (safe, server, etc.)
  • The condition of the location (disturbed, undisturbed, etc.)
  • Who was caught at the location (a person who was supposed to be there, a thief, etc.)
  • Any options for further action (above options)

Centralized Protection Desk - CPD telephone numbers are:

Definition of Terms:

Contact person
person listed in an annex to the contract as the person that needs to be contacted in case of a nonstandard situation at the location
Centralized Protection Desk - CPD
24-hour desk monitoring the location's alarm
Intervention unit
staff assigned to intervene at a location
action directed toward preventing or limiting damage at a customer's location
an electronic device indicating a disturbance at a location
False alarm
alarms caused by improper handling of or a technical fault in the alarm
Disturbance at a location
a condition where unauthorized access or handling at the object takes place
area monitored by an alarm, as exactly specified in the contract

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